Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lontong Kupang Bapak Misari

I am scared to eat lontong kupang because I experienced a horible one once. It was not cooked and seasoned improperly, totally looked and tasted awful.

BUT this Lontong Kupang Bapak Misari has is different!!! Yes, three exclamation marks LOL. My mom has been a regular customer since years ago, and a few days ago I went there. Mother never lies, I instantly like it. The complementary is degan ijo (coconut drink) to neutralize it - I am not sure what to neutralize but degan ijo does its thing after we eat lontong kupang. 

So if you are visiting Sidoarjo, go there because lontong kupang is one of East Java's traditional foods you #musttry!

Remember, there are so many lontong kupang you may find but this one is located at : Jalan Mojopahit no. 62, Sidoarjo, Surabaya.

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