Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pokzilla Surabaya

So my friend who used to study in Beijing uploaded a video that makes my mouth watering. It's about porkribs that are wrapped by cheese!! Double combo, I love pork and cheese.. I wish Surabaya/Jakarta was gonna have this.. Until recently Pokzilla is open!

The recommended menu is Pokzilla Cheese BBQ (less than IDR 100k), consists of porkribs and chicken but can be eaten by 2-3 people. It's affordable, isn't it?! The beverages' price are also reasonable so that I ordered Lychee mojitoo twice! The price range for beverages are IDR 15-30k. As I am writing this, I cannot wait to come here for the third time! 

When it was first open, it was really crowded. But now, I could say to feel free to come anytime.

Address : Darmo Permai Timur VI No. 11A, Surabaya.
WIFI : available and FAST! 

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