Saturday, June 11, 2016

MUTT ON BIRDS Cafe and Rooftop Bar

I live in Pondok Candra, it's between Surabaya and Sidoarjo. I barely found any good place to hang out with my folks thus I gotta have a looooooong drive every weekend. But since Mutt On Birds was open, I have no worries.

The ambience is okay, the wifi velocity is great, and most importantly the menus are well-cooked! 

I would recommend pasta rica (spicy), aglio olio pasta, pizza pepperoni, egg benedict, and its fried rice. I took some photos back then when visiting this place but I deleted most of them, here is the remaining photos...

the last two slices of pepperoni pizza!

power puff girl! 

But I gotta admit when I am bored and have no place to go alone, THIS place is the first which comes in my mind. It's open until midnight and the rooftop has glass floor where you can see directly below from 4th floor, isn't it cool?! Ok, don't hate me for being odd.


Ron said...

Wow pizzanya terlihat enak. :)

jelai♥ said...

seems a great snack *followed ya . nice blog /:)