Friday, May 20, 2011

that should be me

Grand Opening Miss UPH 2011

left : CANDY, right : ME. She felt like so excited to talk to me :p

LOOK! We wore sufficient safety equipment BUT still we were so "hebringg"

I wondered why I looked so happy here --"

that should be me buying you gift, this is so wrong, I can't go on, that should be me ~

I just cant stop listening to this song. I dont really like Justin Bieber, I am not a belieber! HAHA. But the lyric makes me thinking about my past, bittersweet memory (:

Now I am still amazed by His graceful work. He answered my prayer so fast! I believe He always give me the best, as my capacity. Simply in the right moment, I love You! :D I cant wait to know the furthur information that I am gonna be part of that company.. I really wish everything is gonna run smoothly... After all of these things which brought me down. None of them knows, will never know...

AA! I am sharing my photos around 3 weeks ago. My organization and I went to Outbondholic at Ancol, We really had soo much fun! The journey was totally challenging and I bet I aint forget that moments, indeed! And I also uploaded a photo taken on the day of Grand Opening Miss UPH 2011, the 20 finalistof last year danced. It recalled a lot of memories of last year's! (:

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