Saturday, June 11, 2011

dare to dream!

I've been reading "Lady In Waiting" since months ago, but I guess this book takes time to understand it. Definitely different from Twilight saga and so on. This book is quite inspiring, it discussed about my thoughts and it amazingly answered most of them. I recently felt blue but this book, I meant its content, heals! (: Glad I have this book, bought by my beloved BF, Henry! :*

The only enemy of belief is fear. I dont think it's strange but it is so normal. All of us are human with logic. In Catholic and Christian, we are sued to believe without seeing first. I used to think that it is hard. As time goes by, everything changed! (: I learned how to lean on and surrender my problems into His hands. It is challenging since He is invisible but I know He recognizes my presence.

Almost 10 days of internship program and I've been feeling sooo good! :D my officemates are so friendly. I am ashamed for my faults, I am quite slow in understanding something new. I need time, fortunately they give me chances. I dont know how I can pay them all! Lemme think about it. Sometime I have no clue about what I need to do, so I surf the internet to find something useful and read "Lady In Waiting" (;

Well, I am sure Am gonna have a good day tomorrow! Ill let ya know later...

Have a great day! Never let fear become the barrier to achieve your dreams!

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Lola X said...

Great read! Good luck!

Lola x