Friday, April 22, 2011


I am so in love with this kid, his face is absolutely innocent. His name is Ori (:

doing my mandatory project called "Service Learning - Character Development through Art". my group and I went to SDN Lengkong and taught the elementary students about how to make a "wall magazine". The students were so cute and innocent. I wish them the best!

The only thing that keeps me to be strong is my DAD. He is also my Boss, my Friend, and the only One who provides my wants and needs. Everything He does is magic, and He is Jesus Christ.

I went to church since yesterday, unfortunately I did not get chair to sit inside so I tried to look for some space outside. The windy made me glad! :D I had a lot of time to figure out and contemplate about the journey of Christ. I guess all kind of suffers of people had been undergone by Him. The end was happy ending, it took pains and sacrifices. But He won! From this flash point I learned that it is true it takes time and sacrifices to be the best. No pain, no gains. the problem is that I am too weak and lazy. I was also sad to once again remembering the loves and sacrifices of Christ. He deserves the best instead of being insulted and died on the cross.


janet said...

pretty rosa! matured rosa! :) loving the pics. I wish I could do something like that too..
and Happy Easter, dear! God Bless! :) He is Amazing!

Peevie Juice said...

No pains, no gains - Law of the land.

I love how simple you are. Reflects on your blog.

PS - "Genie" was the Word Verification for my comment. Thought I should share.