Wednesday, February 3, 2010

UPH Award


See the grandma's expression! supersilly...


etha - ME - avre - cila - carolina

avre - nenek - TIMUN MAS - ME *i love my batik dress :p

There has been a big event of UPH named UPH Award. There will be many nominations to win trophies, for example for the best freshman of the year, the best mentor of the year and so on. I cant wait to attend this event. it must be great! But I dont know why this event is close to MUS event. I dont think its a good idea but I am not part of the committee so I dont think I know the reason nor convey my opinion. HAHA.
While waiting for the microenomics class, my friends and I went to the garden to take some pictures with the drama actors. I think the purpose of those actors played drama at the garden was to introduce UPH award to the whole students in UPH. So they are aware there is a big event named UPH award. I enjoyed this week very well, I wish next week would be happier :p GBU! (: