Friday, February 5, 2010

pancake party

Only Avre who can choose the best eggs haha!

the failed batter ):

sugar, baking powder and their friends ahaha

Avre and I ate first coz we were too hungry:p


last tuesday (on the first day of UPH award) my friends and I made pancakes together. We made it on Jessica's boarding house. I forgot to tell th others to bring some ingredients, thus I needed to drive to Avre's place to take some forgotten stuff material such as sugar and butter. Then the war started! ahahha.. we failed to mix dough so the pancake was horrible ahaha. then we tried to make the new one, and it was better. hmm we give some topping for example ice cream and ceres. so it tastes good ahaha.. I ate many pancakes and kripik tempe :p aaa! It was great! (:
Nextime I wanna make delicious pancake with my lovely friends (: hehee.. happy weekend!
*we took more photos than made the pancake ==


TheLittleFlower said...

Pancakes are yummy!

janet said...

jd pengen ross!!
yg kering not bad tuh!! kriuk! hehe

jackal_only22 said...

haha, gak dbungkusin neyh.. ;p