Tuesday, February 9, 2010


the photographer was so mean! ): I look so messy here...

again == the one who cant be seen was me aaa!
with lovely MIRZA!


Today we celebrated Marsha's bday, we had superHOT lunch ahhaha. I said Hot because we ate fried duck with super spicy sambal. Some of us ordered sambal ijo and the special menu from the restaurant is "bebek gobyos". Ah, the restaurant's name is "bebek gobyos" around ciledug, the owner is my senior. He is so funny! I really really recommend you to eat there. The duck's portion is quite big so I bet you will feel satisfied! (:
Then we went to Menteng and meruya to eat sandwich bakar as dinner. I ate 2 portion of duck so I didnt feel any hungry until midnight. haha.
HAVE A GREAT DAY! I wanna bathe and go to campuss! (:

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