Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new year eve!

Holiday has overed! ): tho I wanna more... hmm for this semester I wish I will have good lecturers coz I wanna get better grades on second semester. as the previous semester I go to campus from Sunday till friday, unluckily I must go at 7 am three times in a week!! ): so lazy.

Hmm I had a common christmas eve, my family and I went to church from 9 PM until midnight. we prayed there and wished the happiness of christmas will be with us everyday (: Then I wanna share new year photos and talk little about it. it was great! really. I spent it with my lovely family and family of brother's friend. we had dinner and BBQ there. then we went to a place where it sales fireworks. I guess the friend of my bro bought too expensive foreworks, yeah we got many but he spent 1 million just to buy it. because the place was so crowded, we could not move anywhere, as the result we celebrated new year eve on the street. just 5 of us, my bro, I, and three of my bro's friends. after arriving in pakuwon, the house of bro's friend, we played fireworks about 15 minutes. it was sooooo beautiful! (: *hey I guess my grammer and vocabulary reduced a lot somehow. I need to take English and Mandarin courses soon! ):*

it was not when xmas nor new year eve.
when i tried igniting the fireworks. I was afraid to stand closer haha

it is beautiful, isnt it!?

BBQ - fishes

the girl version of sinchan! i am soo into her! so cute :p

delicious! the other menus were not captured coz I was bust to eat them! :p

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