Monday, November 23, 2009


BFs since I was at SHS (pricil-monica-ME)

Last week, finally, I went back to jakarta. after staying at karawaci for 2 weeks OMG! Well. On last friday about 12 AM, pricil and I directly left from UPH, but when we arrived at highway, it was very stuck fast. I am so lazy to drive in this condition. I am not tired, I just wanna arrive at jakarta fast (: the first destination is PI. I ate gudeg at foodcourt close to century. It tastes good (: then we walked around. somehow i felt easily hungry so I decided to eat Jco. We met monica there. Then we asked XXI ex about new moon's schedule. they said on saturday it would be played there, but unluckily we cant book earlier. So I had planned to go there at 9 AM on saturday. We got a lot of fun on that day. I stay overnight at silvy's house. because of we are separated in college, so we need more time to share about our story and problem together, thats why twice in a month we will stay overnight on someone's house. we talk and share a lot and sleep very late. we take sooooo many pictures and so on (: i love girl's day as much as I like eating!

because we slept very late, we felt kinda sleepy on saturday morning. we woke up about 7 AM then took a bath, went to get breakfast around silvy's house at Gading. Then we went. Ohh, I and pricil need to go to dentist because I need to control my teeth, so silvy and monica went to EX first. We met together after I finished controlling. Then fortunately the highway was not too crowded, therefore no need much time to arrive at slipi, my dentist' house. about an hour there, I moved fast to EX. When I and pricil was on the way, monica said that so many people arrived before them. She was doubt that we could get the good row to sit. But eventually we get some good place. We must sit at separated sittings because if we didnt, we must watch from the front row. OMG it will make my eyes become glare. We didnt go to many place at that day because my teeth was pain, thus I didnt have good mood to walk. around 5 PM I went back to sunter.
I was too excited to see HIM,
so that I was willing to watch new moon at the first day it showed at Indonesia (:

You can see how long the line was!

YOU GOTTA WATCH NEW MOON! it was soo romantic, I was like crazy girl because i sit alone but I smiled million times. I imagined bella swan were me. WKWK. poor me :p edward is still SO HOT! he is the most handsome western male i think. I WANNA MEET YOU! hahahha...

C for Cullen!

AT sunday, I decided to get a very LOOONNGG sleep, and I got it! (: I didnt wanna go anywhere, I read new moon novel once again then I prepared my stuff to go back to karawaci. I was happy because last weekend moved normally, not too fast like usual haha!

Now I am online but will go to my lovely bed ASAP. goodnight! (:


Monica Kosasih said...

sumpah g ngakak pas baca "I was like crazy girl because i sit alone but I smiled million times. I imagined bella swan were me." buahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

rosalina said...

giliran g ky orgil aj lu ktwa wkwk crtana lu bella, g edward dahh. sneng kan lu!? hahahhaa