Sunday, November 8, 2009


after taking a bath and saying short speech (:

I didnt look like I am :p
they said they didnt have any flour or water, but you could see the truth T,T
you can see how two people behind me were very happy to 'give' me EGGS AND what-the-hell water :p hahhaha

-the chronology is from the bottom-to-top photo. I was very clean and beautiful (like usual) but then suddenly my friends made me became like a horrible dough. haha-

Hmm on November 4th, 2009 like usual my friends asked me to go out at night. for eating or looking around, something like that. But the strange thing was agneta, one of my friends, who doesnt usually go at night, she followed us. But I forgot that and I was picked up by ko hinchen. Then we arrived at chedi, a house of seniors HI. I was given a cake and it tastes good (: I was so happy and speechless because it was late, my bday was on November 1st actually. Then, I made (some) wishes and blew the candle. I shared the cake to more than 12 people. I wondered the cake was enough (: I had said to make sure there would not be "mandi telor" because I was kinda afraid of it. But avre said "tenang ros, nyampe bersih, pulang juga bersih" finally, STUPIDLY I trusted her == hahhahaha

Thay asked me to go outside the complex to take some pictures. They brought me there to avoid noise, many neighbour will be angry if we are noisy. I was happily said stupid "YES" (again) OMG.

Then we took sooooo many pictures and I realized I was not allowed to look back. When I wanna see what happened, it was too-extemely too late. They poured me with a disgusting water (mixture of beras kencur, susu kadaluarsa, and so on) and pelted me with eggs and flour. It even went into my mouth! OMG. I spit it then.

Then after view minutes, it was like a year, my fr swimminiends asked me to clean my self with clean water. I took a bath in front of public, I didnt care, I just wanna clean my self ASAP. it was very dirty. Luckily my friends have prepared clean outfits and soap for taking a bath officially hahahhaha.

Then I said thanks for everyone there. I will never forget this moment, I just entered university for less than 4 months but I realize how they remember and wanna give happiness for me (:

This is the best moment at the end of this year, I guess. Thanks everyone, ROSALINA LOVES YOU! (:


Pierre said...

College Life Never Ends???


rosalina said...

hahaha lupa ditulis noh :p untung diingetin. YESSSS COLLEGE NEVER ENDS! (: