Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st, 2009

I love the cake! nyum2! ~

You can see how messy I was :p

after making a wish (:

PERFECT! i slept before they came :p
so i looked genuinely messy...

Today should be the best day of November! I felt it so (: I am too happy and I dont know the exact way to express it. I dont really get what I want, my parents are not here with me, but I could get what is called with happiness. Abstract but I can feel it very well. I knew and realized how people care and pay attention for me. From parents, bestiest, family, and so on. I can only say Thank You! (: I wish I can be a better girl from many aspect, campus life, daily life, love life as well.

At 12 AM my special friends came to give a hazelnut cake for it. I tastes really good! haha. I was afraid to open the door, I guess it was my crazy friends who wanna 'play' with me HAHA. but then I was so speechless to see who they were. I was quite angry with edison, he was very annoying, he replied my message once an hour. he said he was "diare" ( I dont know what diare in English) therefore he could not come to my lodging house. But at the end, he came. He said he didnt know what to say so he lied to say he was diare. AAAAAhh ): I couldnt imagine if he didnt really come today :p

I slept in hours today, I felt so good! haha. I dont want to finish management assignment nor law paper. I just wanna get relaxed. Then, at night my uncle, aunt, and cousin asked me to go for a dinner. I ate noodle and rice with beef black pepper.
Then several times after arriving at beloved lodging house, one of my sweetie daughters came and brought a black forest cake. YUMMY! I like it also. haha she knows me very well. Then after took some photos, she must go back with her Mom, because it was already too late.
I just very happy today, but still, I wanna be happier than today! *maruk..
I should not longer worry for being 18 years old girl. I will walk on better ways and I will be a better girl (: Thanks God for today.

whats the matter of being 18 ? (:

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Stefani Angela said...

how happy it was :)
happy birthday once again :)