Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25, 2009

I cant believe it! today is sunday it means tommorow ill go to campus. why does weekend go really fast? can I have 5 days in a week as weekend holiday? ):

Yesterday I went to monica's sweet17, she was so cute! she wore pink dress and supertall heels (: but still she looks OK! hmm happy bday once again for Claire Monica! My friends and I took some or I can say, many, photos. The most fav photo was taken by my sweety daughter, Priscil. This is the picture :

L-R : ME, priscil, silvy, lorenza

Hmm. Ill go to artha at 1PM, my mom askes me to. Then, Ill go (again) to Karawaci at 7PM probably. I wanna go to somewhere actually to have fun, but I have no idea. I choose to sleep! (:

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