Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was knitting but just for 30 minutes then I stopped.
I started to knit since I was in SHS, but untill now, you can see.
I just finished the grass and incomplete fence hahah

POOR me ): I went to buy a new camera today, but I could not get it. After bargaining and learning how to use it, then the seller called his storage to take the camera. BUT WHAT!? the stock was sold ))))))): OMG. I was extremely angry! Then with super innocent face, he said, I have told you to take it fast, now we could not do anything. WTH!? does he think i have money tree at my stupid backyard?! if i had it i would not bargain uselessly to buy the camera==

Then, I didnt go to the church I was so sad ): so I slept then I woke up to go to Karawaci. Then here I am ^^ hahahhaha. I met my old friend from Jubilee and we talked a lot. Actually, honestly, obviously I am worried about my LCS' assignment. I still have not finished it ): OMG. Next week I am gonna face mid term exam, so I guess i wont have enough time to finish it. somebody! helppppp )):

Hmm, I am sleepy. Wish tomorrow will be a great day! (:

GOOD NIGHT all. smooch! (:


janet said...

kamera apa ros?
merk apa?
murah ga?? ^^

rosalina said...

canon 450D
mboh 7++
ga gt mahal se
ad yg ampe 9jt soalna sae huhu