Tuesday, June 23, 2009


From 19 - 21 June 2009 I and my friends took a short trip to puncak, we stayed at Jimmy's vila. We didnt go to many places coz it was weekend so a number of people came to visit puncak. Silvy, prisscil and I woke early so we have sufficient time to go to puncak resort and kota bunga. My other friends always wake up late, haha. We cant wait for them.

Then we were cooking, watching Djarum badminton champion, playing capsa, gossipping, walking around vila, and so on. We were little bored but never mind (:

3 days and 2 nights are very truly short time to be wasted with my friends where we will be dispersed. I'll miss u all a lot (: especially Prisscil and Silvy ^^ Happy bestfriend foreverrr!

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