Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fruit Salad !

(this pitc's not mine, but more or less the salad will be like this)

I have made this salad more than three times and I am never bored:p I'll share you its simple recipe!

Ingredients :
`and other kinds of fruit you need.
You surely need knife to slice up them and bowl to mix the fruit with its sauce.

Sauce :
`plain yoghurt
`mayonnaise ( usually I use Kraft's)
`vanilla sweetened condensed milk
`a bit of water of lime ( you must not use it)

Directions :
1. Wash all the fruits cleanly, for the fruit that changes colour (apple, pear) you have to soak it in the water if lime first.
2. Slice up all the fruit, as much as needed, into enough size.
3. All the ingredients of sauce are mixed in bowl.
4. Finally, add the chopped down fruits in the mixture of sauce. Stir it.
5. After that, place salad on plates, you can add the cheddar over the salad if you like.

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