Saturday, December 20, 2008

I lost my handphone in Senayan City

It happened yesterday, 18-12-2008! I'm gonna remember that date! I vow! ==
hMm.. a fuc*ing boy with his friends followed me since from escalator 4th floor till 3rd floor. I felt that something wrong with them, so I pulled my little back and made it safe. Even finally it could not stay too long. With my negligence, I didn't realize that they still followed me till i entered Metrox store. After out frm Metrox, I checked my bag, I found my nokia N95 lost! OMG! Sucks kleptomania! Hell you! I got that money with my mom's money, she earns money not by picking frm a tree! She works alot.. I am thinking, why did it happen to me?

The horrible one, it happened after I went to Monas. I went there to finish my senior high school's thesis. Hell! I hope God creates the best to give me later. I believe, to earn the better one, I hv to let go the other old one.

I still can't believe it can happen in a SENAYAN CITY MALL!!?
How bad service it is? I don't blame this accident 100% to SENSI MALL, but where's your service?? I'm not the only victim, but many people who got the same accident like me. The readers can search in google, mybe you can write " maling Senayan City " and the result will appear. Ahh..

It's too long to type here. But the securities didn't do like they said to me! Can you believe me? OMG! They said that every exit door would be kept, but it didn't do. I knew after view hours ago. And it was surprised me, really. SENAYAN CITY? can't you make the visitor be comfort ha? It is the first time I lost something that I own, I pray it won't happen anymore): hiks.

Sensi's supervisor just could say " Sorry.. Sorry and sorry.. " what's the meaning of million sorry, guys? It is not gonna make my handphone back, right? I can't let my lovely N95 go easily. It means alot to me. It was with me when I celebrated my sweet17, it was with me when I got my school's fieldtrip to Medan, and the most important one is it contains my thesis' material.

I pray for person or people who steal my handphone, for that robber, thief! you all will get the heavy sin from God! You just a fuc*ing siner that is not reasonable to stay alive. Go hell! You just make this world worse and worse. Rowdy people!

The last but not least, for Sensy Mall, stop being a beauty mall that can be looked from outside. I never hope this sucks accident happen to the other customer. Really choose person who is responsibility to protect the visitors.

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