Sunday, December 14, 2008

My ballet story..

I was joining Ballet practice since I was a child. I knew ballet first, after that I entered my Kindergaten. I had been 8 years in ballet till i decided to stop, I was bored to do that soft practice. My last grade was in the elementry grade, in that grade i could be a ballet teacher! In other word that is high enough level.

But, higher level of course makes us have to practice harder too. Everyone does it. It made me down): my teacher taught me hard, sometime she would shout at me of I did wrong. The most important terrible thing that I still remember is she said that my legs are different, they can't be straight like the ballerinas do usually. So, i had to did my practice harder than my friends. Ballet forces the ballerina to do straight legs. Therefore, when i had done my pre elementry exam,my score showed that I'm the worst! Actually, I was very really sad! ( u can guess what I did that day, right? with no saying that ). Maybe that is not only because of my legs, but also my other mistakes.

Hmm. then, I still tried to practice ballet about 5 months later. I don't remember the exact time. Untill i decided to quit. My teachers called me to ask my reason, I said that I needed time to break. In other words, I stopped ballet. That's not a big deal to say, but it was really hard. Sometime I saw my ballet shoes, my stocking, my point shoes that helps me alot to do point wif my feet. I wathced some movies about ballet too, it pulled me back. But, okay. I had decided to stop, whatever I did, it would be hard. Coz the owner of my ballet academy had said my legs are not good.. Never mind.. I still wanna say thank you, for my Mom, who always supports me. And Marlupi aunt, the great and strict teacher who teaches me alot. She says how to be a great ballerina. Ms. Chyntia, who is my private teacher every Sunday. And she also said that my legs are good, not totally bad. ahahha! THX A LOT! I love you all. And then, ehm.. Ms. Jenny! She taught me when I was in in pre elementry and elementry. Thx my great family, and THX Marlupi Dance Academy..

There following passage is the history of Ballet, I found that from wikipedia. Check this one out!

Ballet emerged in late 15 century Renaissance court culture of Italy, as a dance interpretation of fencing, and further developed in the French court from the time of Louis XIV in the 17th century. This is reflected in the French vocabulary of ballet. Subsequently, after 1850, ballet flourished in Denmark and Russia. It was from Russia that it returned to Western Europe and subsequently the globe. The Ballets Russes of Sergei Diaghilev and its successors were particularly influential during this period. It has continued to draw on and be enriched by folk dance and local dance traditions.
In the 20th century ballet has continued to develop and has had a strong influence on broader concert dance. For example, in the
United States, choreographer George Balanchine developed what is now known as neoclassical ballet. Subsequent developments now include contemporary ballet and post- structural ballet, seen in the work of William Forsythe in Germany.

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