Saturday, November 5, 2011

1.11.11 is my birthday!

At first, I didnt think to celebrate nor feel like November 1st, 2011 was something special. Because I started to be a 20 years old girl, according to me that is slightly horrible! But I always keep in mind that age is just a number. It is true the more mature means the more responsibilities ahead. I am afraid of it.

I told it to my boyfriend and bestfriend. Dont make any surprises or anything, just let it pass me by. But they didnt listen and I didnt feel sad. HAHAHA. I enjoyed it. My boyfriend came in the midnight by bringing a supper yummy tiramisu cake and the night after, my super bestiest also came to give me a sweet surprises. It is amazing to be surrounded by all of you guys.

I want to thank Lord for giving me those lovely people to live and inspire me day by day.

Tho' my Mom doesnt have a blog, but I really want to thank her. Her hardworks, natures and amazing loves. She is the collest girl ever! I love you Mom, more than anything! It was funny how you were also suprised that I already reached 20 --" but yes, that's the cutest thing of you. You dont care too much but I know you really want the best for me with your own way (:

My dad and brother, two stunning men in my life. Both of you show me the true! XOXO!
My boyfriend, bestfriends and people who know me, yes yes yes I am really grateful to know all of you guys!!!

In this new journey, I am gonna be what I want to be, fearlessly B-)


Aki No Yuutsu said...

Happy belated birthday!

vintage process said...


Bang and Buck said...

happy birthday do you! 20 is not old!


Bang & Buck

Stacey Kay said...

Happy birthday darling! HOpe you had a fantastic day!

Thanks for following my blog, now following you back!

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Sheena said...

Hi Rosalina, thanks for dropping by! You guessed right, I was in Bali a couple of months ago and I had a blast. It was seriously like being in paradise - i loved it so much! I havent really got time to read your blog, but this new follower will be back some other day :) Where are you from in Indonesia?

Happy belated bday, girl!