Saturday, July 30, 2011

harry potter

My BF purchased HP tickets since last Wednesday otherwise we thought we gotta line up to get it, definitely wasting time. And what we predicted was true! All the studios are opened for HP --" Hmm.. a word to describe this last part is PERFECT! It also consists of the funniest thing Ron ever did, its ending is also great! I wanna see the previous part because I forgot where the story cut, and I also wanna see the second part again :D

Well, it is such a bittersweet feeling to go back to Jakarta, I hv been spending 2 months holiday in my hometown. Internship, hanging out, doing nothing *dancing* what I love the most is meeting lot of old friends and sharing about current things, that is so sweet (: My flight schedule is on August 4, oh my GOD!! less than a week. I cant wait to meet my friends in Jakarta, but I still wanna get longer break! ): Gotta back to routine, waking up in the morning, driving to campus, studying, making essay --" *I desperately need to forget these for a while*

I gotta confess that "some" things happen during this holiday BUT I dont wanna care, I just wanna enjoy the rest of my holiday peacefully (: I just keep thinking what I hv chosen should be the best because I consider every single thing because I make decision. I dont need to hesitate. I wish I am at the right path (;


janet said...

Iya asik juga ngga caapek ,klo jj breng! Hehehe yuuu jalan tiap hr sblom km balik! :D

t said...

Sounds like you had a fun time!

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

hi :)
Like the purple on you. :)

Hope you enjoy the last days of your holiday! :)


Marisa Noelle said...

Sounds like the perfect time! You look darling:)

Lola X said...

I went to see that a few days ago and it was brilliant!!! I loved it!!!!! I'd read teh book already but that didn't make it any less fantastic!

Lola x

sabrina maida said...

sound like a lot of fun your day :D
hope we will be a freands dear
i'll folback you

Marissa Joy said...

These are all such fabulous looks! Thanks for your comment!

Taryn said...

I am a huge Harry Potter fan too! Sounds so fun :)

DailyGlamour said...

great blog

Unlucky said...

You are a beautiful young lady. Looking at these pictures were refreshing and fun. I really enjoyed coming here and seeing these pictures. You look beautiful in all of your pictures

Visit here for New 7 wonders & lot of stuff (Jasmine) said...

great blog! enjoyed browsing through, and you have great style. it's really cool that most indonesians are fluent in english! so awesome. i guess korean shows are popular there.... :)

following, and hope we can stay connected.