Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

seeing the whole KL from KL Tower

in front of King Palace, KL

You may call me "norak"hahaha

the traffic in Thailand

next to Sunway Hotel, Penang (it is the place where I usually had dinner)

The new book titled "2011" is ready to be filled with joys, happiness and better story!

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2010 and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011, everyone!

There are a lot of things I wanna share with you all. started from my final exam until this Christmas Break.. I really enjoy holiday no matter how short or long it is because I really know it is tiring if I force myself to work hard without any break. Hmm, on 21 December, Henry and I are in the one plane to go to home, SURABAYAAAA! :D I met with her Mom and Granny, I was so nervous! Haha...
Then, a couple days later, my family, a friend of my Mom plus her daughters and I went to Penang. We spent 8 days to go around Penang, KL, Genting, and Thailand. The most favorite place according to me is Genting and Thailand. Genting has cold weather but I can endure it because it is not that cold. I didnt wear any jacket at all. Then in Thailand, the price is very cheap yet the quality is also great! Unfortunately we didnt have enough time to observe Thailand! Haha. My plan is to go to there again this year and I wanna shop more. Hap Chai saves a lot of shops with friendly prices.
I gotta confess and acknowledge that Indonesian people are the most friendly society I ever knew. I hate Indian people who work there because they are simply annoying and sucks! They give high price with super bad service, we hate them. Well, not all of Indian, I ever stopped one of the taxi drivers in Penang is he is very nice.
The Christmas was celebrated by dinner and last night was new year and I celebrated it with family and my Mom's friend and her family by BBQ and played with fireworks! They were definitely stunning and awesome..
Am so sleepy after having a family day... I still feel s new because the atmosphere of new year is still on my head! HAHA..

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