Thursday, September 9, 2010

super short holiday

Today I helped Mom to pack her stuffs up. I didnt go anywhere because it took times to get everything ready. I wish she will get a safe and amazing trip there (:

I have luckily done 2 of some homeworks. Am disappointed coz my lecturers seem like unhappy coz their students get some holiday. c'mon! its just a week! )': I wanna spend most of this holiday by hanging out with my beloved fellas! probably they think everyday gotta be productive. but I dont mind to be a little bit lazy. ha!

I really wanna watch Babies, unfortunately its still coming soon at cinema. I watched its trailer and it looks cute! haha then I also cant wait to see breaking dawn! wow!

This posts quite random coz I just have nothing to do. I stay home whole day coz there were raining outside and I have been listening to fireworks since a couple hours ago. ckckck...
I almost forgot to say "Happy Eid Day" for those who celebrate! (:

These are some photos of Silvy's bday surpise two days ago. SHE has been a 17 years old girl now! Shes pretty and nice, but shes taken :* the cake was simply deliciousooo! I want some more hahah that was a cheese cake. tres bien! :s

DJ and silvy

one of three gifts of DJ (silvy's BF). hes so sweet, isnt he!? hahaha
pricil - silvy - mee!

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