Saturday, August 14, 2010

campus LIFE



I call it journey, it has been a year and I really really realize that I am still alive.
I can take a breathe... I can speak and listen, I can hear what they say...
Some things and people change, but out camaraderie seems permanent, and I love it (:
The following are the best of the best friends I have in my campus. They are quite silly yet understand-able.
" I am totally comfort with them, sharing and doing something stupid are part of our activities... "


This girl is the mascot! She speaks innocently which makes us laugh out loud. she does everything by joking even she never realizes that. she makes me smile almost everyday. we love sharing many things from the most least until the most unimportant thing hahahha... we usually criticize very single little things, I guess we never found what is called as "no topic" because we always talk about many thingsss (: to be honest, she talk honestly.. haha (:


This guy is quite helpful yet annoying. he talks frankly to anyone.. thats why many people hate him hahahha *what a lie* sometime he acts SKSD (sok kenal sok dekat) but hes still my friend... hahahha.. then.. he is mature and dilligent, he got high GPA last semester :p I know him, including his type.. the "bening" one hahaha... his acne is his trademark!

ADELINE aninda

"idupnya susah nyantai" hahaha.. she considers every single matter in her life. like there is no tomorrow. yes, i really really know thats so good. but sometime I need to cheer her up so that she smiles happily! *kejuuuuuuu!* haha.. sometime I share about my problem because shes a good listener (: she will speak medok-ly if she feels nervous. she is unique, isnt she!? :p

this is the "letoy" guy. he is not really consistent about what he already said. sometime I feel so gemes if I gotta face this situation. grrrr... hahaha.. but he is as smart as nico. he has complicated love life, just like me. but I prefer to be silent coz I know thats too bad to be shared huhu..

PRICILA (cila)

VOILA! the "cambuk" and red girl. hahah she falls in love with wrong guys. too bad.. actually I also like the man who teaches us but thats merely a joke. in cila's case, its like a real story that has to be ended soon. I cant help her! hahaha.. shes optimist and has a "serak-serak becek" voice.


etha is the skinniest friend I ever had. she lives at condo next to UPH. when I have spare time, while waiting for the next class, I usually to there to sleep or gossip. she is a calm girl. I like sharing and asking advices from her as well.


we usually call her djaja. coz there is more than 1 person whose that name hehe.. she tends to be silent and she will speak up if somebody is asking for it. she is adventurous. she listen to my effusion. she is from Semarang so that she has a mellow voice. not like me who has nge-bass voice hahaha.. she studies without pressure, thats why I feel comfort if we study together in exams...

Many things change since our first meeting at UPH fest. I wish this camaraderie wont end too soon. I am so glad coz I have a precious opportunity to meet all of you guys..

X.O.X.O ^^


Sincere Words said...

camaraderie, it sounds very beautiful word buu^^,

- I'm not too smart as Nico.. haha..
- I'm not inconsistent, just too cuek, nyantai, and plegma+sanguin.. haha..

nice post buu.. ^^,

CAMARADERIE, love this words!!
Campus life will be bored without all of you guys! :)

Erwin said...

beautiful blog, i think i should learn more and more how to make it so from you...

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