Wednesday, March 25, 2009

yearbook photography (March 25th, 2009)

ARGH! we ( XII IPS intensive) went to Sentul to create photography for our yearbook. We gathered at school then about 8 AM we went to sentul. it spents about 1 hour to reach the place. first we wanted to convoy with the other 5 cars, but it was laughable coz cindy's driver and my friend, jeffry, drove the cars like they were in circuit. so fast! I went along with kezia's car, till kazia's driver could not follow their cars==

Finally after reached the place, my friends had to come to the marketing service to ask permission. we chose sentul land area, so we needed permission of its manager. After getting it, we went to find the photographers. They are good looking guys but you will know my judgment about them in the end of this blog. But we didnt directly go toward to the place to be captured, still we had to go to the resto coz our photographers had not gotten lunch. The place for lunch is nice so we take some pitcures there. After that, my friends who were not wearing make up, they were made up by LV and andjani. the eye shodow looks gorgeous!

Then we moved to the "lake". The sun was very extreme. I hope it didnt affect our eye and face to smile): Ah! Our theme is scotland so evryone wore scotland customs. including our teacher, sir yoza, and the boys. They wore skirt! can you imagine? It is ordinary for scotland people. There were bagpipe and some apparatus about scotland. Then we were photographed by the photographer. Stupidly, my stocking was ripped. hell! but it could not be seen:p well, the photo sessions used about 4 places. Mostly the PHOTOGRAPHER chose places with alot of tall coarse grass. It makes skin irritation over me T.T and they didnt choose nice place i guess, whereas sentul has others beautiful object): they didnt direct our style mostly, so I doubt that the photos product will be excellent.

It's my first time to go with all of the member of intensive commerce class. Exactly none of us ever do. thus I felt happy. Only 2 students cant come, they are nicholas and melissa. Nicholas is getting chicken pox and melissa must go to rural coz family's importance.

Overall, today was nice. I hope the photo is gonna be nice, good, excellent enough! Here is one of the photos, coz my friend only uploaded one photo. she said she would upload the other tomorrow(:

Before we go home, we (pici sally kezia and me) went to artha gading to eat. My tummy is very embarrassing): we ate at AW. Then we took a walk around.

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