Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today I found how my life is so much brighter compared to my 'friend'...
Actually in the first sight I knew that this one looked friendly and the "real" good friend, but after all of this time, time shows me the thruth. This person is not as innocent as I thought. She is not fragile yet she has such a super strange endurance.
But once again, I don't care. I have a life, but unfortunately this person does not. I do convince my self this friend never has life, the life that people are supposed to have.

In this kind of world, this human keeps herself suffering, struggling for something (that I am sure she doesnt know what her purposes are). NOW, I am really really grateful (once again) for having my parents who treat me VERY VERY well, indeed! a BF who supports and cherishes me all the time, those friends who encourage yet show their silliness at the same time. THE LAST BUT NOT LEAST, a BOSS who provides all the things I need (:

I have a "life" that I want, I do and accept as what I deserve for. Thanks Lord, I love You (:

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