Monday, January 3, 2011


I rarely establish goals in new year because I prefer to follow the states and opportunity that come to me... But as I grow up, I think it is good to make some resolutions and try to achieve that. I will figure out what they are later...

Trying to look behind, I had been through many phases and precious moment in my life. The beginning of this year was started by super bitter story that I just want to totally erase from my mind, since it is absolutely irritating. Then the further days were filled with the other bittersweet moment that was good to be remembered. I tried so hard to stop regreting my past but it seemed to hard. Am sure time heals when I am ready to move on.

In this early day of 2011, I give thank to Lord for His greatness, my life is always joyful and lucky. I cant describe by words about how I love and be grateful because of everything in my life. My family, friends, activities, jobs, etc! I wish I can keep the hardworks and do positive (:

I live, love, pray, regret, look behind, cry, smile, laugh, think, stop, am left and ignored, but the most important of these all is I AM BLESSED (:

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